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About Our Pies


About Our Pies

Hello!  If this is your first time visiting The Original Buttermilk Pie Company, welcome!  If you have ordered from us before, then welcome back!  What we do is make the best buttermilk pies you have ever tasted.  That is all that we do!  We have several flavors to choose from, so once you have tried one, we know that you will want to try them all.  They are amazing!!! 

The basis for our recipes goes back about five generations, but we have changed things up a lot from that beginning recipe.  We’ve added a few things, taken a couple of things out, and now have what we believe to be an even more incredible pie!  You may have had buttermilk pies before, but we know that you have never had one as good as ours!  When you eat our pies, you will immediately try and figure out what is in them; what makes them so good!  Well, we can’t tell you our secrets, but we can tell you that each pie is made from scratch and is made only after you place your order.  We don’t have a big warehouse or freezer to store our pies in; we make them fresh every day and ship them to you right away!  Each pie is unique, too.  Even though they may be baked at the same time, each pie looks just a little different than the next.  Let’s just say that each pie has its own unique personality…..just like us!  What they all do have in common is that they are all perfectly delicious!!!

For those of you who have never had a buttermilk pie, you are definitely in for a treat!  You don’t have to be a fan of buttermilk to love this pie.  The reason for the buttermilk is really just to make the pie a little lighter and smoother.  You will love it!

Now it’s time to decide what you have a taste for today.  Do you want our Original – creamy goodness with a light, crispy top?  If you have a taste for chocolate, then order our Chocolate Chunk – it has the same creamy goodness as the Original, but with chunks of chocolate.  We also have the incredible Chocolate Pecan and the Chocolate, Pecan, and Coconut, each with the deliciousness of the Original, plus the added bonus of chocolate, pecans, and/or coconut.  We know it’s hard to choose, but remember that you can always order more!

Thank you for ordering from The Original Buttermilk Pie Company.  We always look forward to your visits!